Sunday, December 28, 2014


Don’t pretend to be my friend
     Leave me alone if you don’t want me
Don’t ask me to wait for you
     I will be gone before you do
Don’t be ordinary
     I’m not
Don’t promise me anything
     Give me everything
Don’t expect me to understand what you don’t say
     I will be too busy listening to what you do say
Don’t use me
     I am not an instrument or tool
Don’t be with me if you have someone better
     I won’t waste your time
Don’t think I am like all the ones before me
     I’m not
Don’t come near me if you are not certain
     I would not do that to you
Don’t tell me your independence is what you value most
     I won’t want to be with you
Don't reject my kindness
     I won't ignore your needs
Don’t expect too little from me
     You won’t get it
Don’t be afraid
     Be amazed
Don’t put me on a pedestal
     Join me there
Don’t tell me your dream
     Just let me be it
Don't hold my hand
     Hold my heart
Don’t tell me you love me
     I will already know

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