Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I read this beautiful book and wrote this blog.

am i your imaginary friend? 
are you my imaginary friend?
how will i ever know?
the only thing certain
is that when you stop believing in me
or, unthinkably, i stop believing in you
either i will cease to exist
or you will cease to exist
it is the paradox of this kind of friendship
that it must end in death for the one no longer needed 
leaving behind a friend now strong enough to go on alone

sometimes having a wonderful imaginary friend
is the only way to get by
the only way to have someone to talk to 
who will always understand

am i your imaginary friend?
are you my imaginary friend?
the only thing I know
is that we are totally here for each other
and you, a real friend to me
and i, a real friend to you


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