Tuesday, August 27, 2013


True love, I've learned 
Need not just be 
A simple social symmetry
Of I love you and you love me?
For lovers can have different needs
And as I love to your desire
You may love to me inspire
Yet in sync as any choir
One song we sing in harmony
We fulfill dreams that aren't the same
As too, we each have our own name
While passion ignites our joint flame.
Perhaps what fits two lovers best
Is fractal love which does not fail 
No matter what the scope or scale
Revealing our love's common tale.
Relationships are so complex.
What say these words to you and me?
True love entails more than we see
Remaining veiled in mystery.
And formulas cannot describe
Complex details that let us thrive
Or watch us as we faithfully strive
To make each other more alive.

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