Friday, March 29, 2013



Does the cup holder to the left of my steering wheel ever hold a cup or bottle or drink? Never! A while back I got the idea that every coin I was given as change, would be placed into this pop- out receptacle and now I have amassed a large fistful of coins from dollars to pennies that totally fill my drink container. Why? Because this makes it so very easy to roll down my window, grasp a handful of coins and place them in the grateful hands of those who stand and beg on the street corners in San  Antonio or Austin. All I have to do is roll down the window, grab some coins and make the small and yet positive step that I can make to turn change into change. I know not to whom these coins go, how they are used, are what the meaning of my actions are. And yet each time I hand off a fistful of coins, I know the person standing in the cold, the wet, the heat, the street,  is possibly helped in a way that turns my change into real change. It is a fantasy. It is my way of doing the little I can. It is my heart that reassures me that there is no gift too small, no kindness too trivial, no thoughtfulness without meaning that inspires me to do the little things. The things that hopefully turn change into changes.

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  1. you know richard, you're the most honest and compassionate person i know. the kind of person i'd want to be the role model for any kids i might have had. you continue to amaze and inspire me. i'm so lucky to have you for a friend.... and it's been a long time. you are my corner man and have pulled me thru some tough times. thanks for just being you.