Saturday, December 8, 2012


Round me little children creep
Crawl and climb and even leap
Into my arms into my heart
So often am I  pulled apart
For each one has a special woe
And each one has so far to go
And knowing I can take them there
Though fate to them was far from fair  
I look through each as clear as glass
And see the little lad or lass
Whose minds and movements are delayed 
And disabilities displayed
Believing in my magic gift
Their lives and spirits I can lift
I see the way to reach our goal
Of turning less than half to whole
With science, art, and flaming drive
Toward their potential do we strive
Knowing things won't work today
Commit to find another way
My mantra is "Never forget
There is no can't, just haven't yet." 
Humility has taught me much 
How love and laughter, healing touch
Can't do it all, so when the outcomes are not right
 I stay up late for new insight
My greatest disability 
Is thinking that it's them not me
What needs to change is what I do
And knowing this I can change too
I heal my pride and expertise
And get down on my hands and knees
And find a way to learn and grow
Admitting all I do not know
Is what has held the child back
So then I launch revised attack.
The most important therapy
Is that which I do to fix me.
The urge to competence is strong
And to us each does it belong
The road to progress is uneven
What's most essential is believin' 
That hope, hard work, humility
 Can set these little children free
To become all they're meant to be
I'm magic because they each change me. 

Together we play 
Together we stay
Until the child once disabled
Miraculously becomes enabled.
While round me they will walk and run 
And find their place under the sun.
And each of them makes me more whole
And plants their love within my soul.
This therapeutic life I choose
Is one that I shall never lose
And like a catcher-in-the-rye 
I never fail at what I try. 
And even after all these years
I choke back tears while shouting cheers.                       

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