Saturday, June 9, 2012



Song-tied, tie-dyed
Always true and ever tried
Wonder why I never cried.
Rolled, and fleeced
Policed, released,
Kept on goin', never ceased.
Once I'd chased my share of skirt
Slept in dirt, tattered shirt
Thinking, feeling filled with hurt.
Down, not out, and drunk on life
Endless years of fear and strife
Never used my trusted knife.
Battle weary, turned around
Lay my weapon on the ground
Did not make a single sound.
Finding those with greater needs
Started helping those with bleeds
Saw that I did simple deeds.
Walked the path I'd never taken
Saw my life dreams reawaken
Knew that I had been mistaken.
Still I knew so very well
Stories I would have to tell
To escape my private Hell.
Dancing now without the song
Colors faded for so long
What I'd done was wicked wrong.
Left myself lie down to die
Got back up, not knowing why
Finally I began to cry.
Wept for what I had no clue
Bloody tears I hardly knew
Kept it up til I was through.
Knew that I'd walked through the wall
Malamud had said it all
I just had to heed the call. 
Flippin' rippin' raindrop trippin'
Laughing, running, skinny dippin'
From the cup of life now sippin'.

Now at last you can come near

What you tell me I will hear
And your closeness shall not fear.
Raise my glass in front of me
Finally setting my self free
Just who am I going to be?



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