Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Foot Nailed to the Floor

In darkness wishing I were floating
If this were a dream
I could surrender
Restless, abandoned and betrayed
Stretched by moving on with one foot nailed to the floor
And the other taking giant strides to return.
You neither talk to me nor listen
While I relate the accumulated tiny horrors
Now so pervasive and massive even sleep
Fails to disturb their gnawing away
At each fragile structure I carefully rebuild.
Eventually I shall free myself
Bloodied by the process of ripping open the nailed foot
I will move on
And when I finally see my shadow again
I will know no matter what parts of myself I burnt
To create a light I both imagined
And went the distance to rekindle
The flame within will remain lit
Though stiff winds blow.  

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