Monday, January 23, 2012

Possesed by Songs Like Ghosts

I am going to try to explain this a simply as I can. I cannot sing, play an instrument, or read music. But when I listen to certain songs,usually unique songs, not covers or hit songs.....they take over my mind. It is as if the vibrational energy emanating from the heart, and/or soul and/or essence of the singer(s) just resonates so strongly within me that for the magical time I am listening I feel like I am being possessed, in both senses of the word...haunted and owned by..whoever is singing. I wish I could say what it feels like. I am possessed. And I love it. Not all music does this to me, in fact not many songs "haunt" me like this, but when they do I listen to them over and over. day after day, hour after hour, because it is the only way and only time that I ever know what it is like to be someone other than myself. It was only after being all alone for a long period of time that I finally realized how very important these songs are to me. They give me ideas, and feelings, and dreams and comfort that I could never find within myself alone. I cannot imagine what it takes to both create and sing a song. It is a gift or talent or skill or ability that I not only do not have, but I can not even really understand.  I only know that one of my greatest pleasures in life is to be possessed by songs.

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