Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well Well Well

If you drop a stone into me, don't wait around to listen for the splash. Come back two or three days later and with proper amplification you might hear the stone hit the spring at the bottom of my well. If you want to make a wish, do not use a is wasted on me, you'll do better just using a small bit of your imagination and dropping that down the well. Whether or not your wish will be granted is up to you, not me. I am not a good source for those with an immediate "thirst" or those who need immediate gratification, because it is going to take time and work to haul up something I have to offer. But there is lots and lots down there, so if you are willing to wait, and to work at it, you can have as much of me as you can haul up and off. Some silly people ask me if I know how "deep" I am. It is like asking a dog how does it know how to bark? Or a hawk how to fly? Or a flower how to bloom? Of course, I have no idea what the answer is, but not knowing has never been a problem for me.  Oh well.

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