Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suppose All Fairy Tales Be True

Suppose all fairy tales be true
And I the Prince who comes for you
What are the tasks you'd ask of me?
What spells undo to set you free?

And would you be in pleasant form
Or should your shape cause me alarm?
No matter what I'd see it through
Doubt not what I would do for you.

For fairy tales are where I shine
Beheading monsters, climbing vine
To gain a hard-fought destiny
And claim forever you for me.

Bring on your dragon. witch, or elf,
I will dispatch them by myself.
And though it could get very gory
I'll prevail throughout your story.

There is no creature to conjure
Who will not find my heart so pure
My mind so keen, so too my wit,
Dear Princess, you can count on it.

So as you feel me drawing near
To put an end to all you fear
Know in my pocket I will bring
A gift for you, a magic ring.

As on your finger this I place
I do believe your heart will race
And who I am you will behold
A hero worth more than all gold

True Princes are so rare today
That some may doubt the words we say
But I assure you this is true
That, I, your Prince, have come for you.

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