Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Looked and Looked

I looked and looked for a song or a picture, a poem or some words
That perhaps I could greet you with as you awake
But all were words of other people who do not know you
And could not speak directly to the intense fragility of your soul
That gladly. bravely greets all life with warmth and acceptance and loving kindness
But sometimes forgets to water her own roots with the giving life force
That rises within and nurtures and heals the many tiny sorrows and pains that each of us must know.

I do not know where you are or where you are going
Where the winds of your soul and your yearning for peace and beauty and sanctuary are taking you
But I do know that I do not need to be there to be with you for my presence is just as everywhere as yours
And if my words can find you so can I

One does not have to stare long at the sea to know that there is more that is hidden than revealed
That those who watch only the waves on the surface and are hypnotized by their rhythm and flow
Miss all that is hidden in the depths, that it is only below the surface that we can find the fullness of sea we are in
And can meet ourselves both in our pasts and futures as we have been and shall be

And I have no less wonder when you take on each of your various manifestations
That all are of the same essential simplicity
and but illusions you create to delve into the heart of all you can neither explain or accept
as you travel unencumbered by expectations of anyone but your own true self

And perhaps it is hard to touch you with words that you can easily pretend you do not understand
Even though you put them away on shelves of spider silk and dew that will hold them perfectly forever
I see you most clearly when I do not look directly into your eyes I have never seen
Preferring to sense you as much in what you do not say, as I do in all that you do reveal and share
For I am neither fool nor fooled to think I can know or understand you when so much is hidden, personal, private
And respecting your boundaries releases me from trespassing while allowing me to visit when invited

It is so much easier to be your friend than to know who it is that I am friends with
And this is the dance of the cat spirit of which you spoke, not my own, but perhaps yours, I am not certain
But you need know that when you purr at me, I am delighted
Just as I am confused by your language of cats, that I do not speak or understand no matter how closely I listen

I do not know what it was that drew us towards one another for we are so unlikely friends who could have easily passed by one another with no more than a smile

I do know that I do not want to leave this place I have never been before even if I have no idea where I am or where I am going and that I will gladly wait to watch your petals open without having to put a name to your flower

I knew well that I could not give you a picture or song, it would not have been right, even though I looked and looked
I know it is only my own words and actions that can reach you and that you will or will not reply and either way you will tell me all I need to know It is hard to find the words to end a conversation that continues so now I will return to the sleep I left to write you and bid you the fairest of tomorrows in places filled with beauty and wonder along the ****** coast......

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