Monday, July 4, 2011

I Have Never Met Most of My Closest Friends

There are days that I regret how dependent I (we) have become on computers and the internet. There are days that I am saddened to realize and accept that I have never met most of the the people whom I now consider my closest friends. There are days I realize that I might as well be writing in a journal or diary rather than 'blogging' because I am only really communicating with myself. Electronic media are not for everybody....and more and more I am coming to believe that I need to disengage from Facebook, Email,, and all other forms of "e-" communicating and force myself to either make things much worse than they are currently or perhaps, make them much better. If and when, I can break my addiction to wanting contact with people, to needing even brief, typewritten exchanges with other people, I shall disappear forever from cyberspace and live in the "universe next door".....I have embraced technology and change all my life. I am not nostalgic for "good old days" or the "way things were" but I am also aware how my dependency on the internet hurts me as much or more as it nurtures me. What I am seeking is to be living the life I dream of having, being the person I am, and not looking back. Nothing I really value requires electricity, except, perhaps,  a thunderstorm.

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