Friday, June 24, 2011

Revisiting Blogger's Block In The Early A.M.

So now it's almost 1 o'clock
And I've defeated Bloggers Block
It took a poem to break the curse
My words now flow (or is that worse?)
And I am back into the fray
I find I still have things to say
My mind produces, I deliver
Word arrows from my little quiver
Shots I fire into the night
Seem to set my soul aright
So much that I have to tell
Would that I could do it well
Wearing heart upon my sleeve
Caring, sharing I believe
To be read, I do not know
'Tis a place I will not go
If I'm whistling in the dark
Like the Western Meadowlark
Hope my song is loud and clear
Offered up for all to hear
Now I choose to try and sleep
I never snore....I just go "peep"!

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