Thursday, June 23, 2011


I like giving gifts to people. While I hope I never make anyone uncomfortable, I find that little things that I discover like light-up flashing rings made in the shape of flowers, or little Daruma dolls, or special chocolate treats from the chocolatier in my neighborhood, to organic pine nuts, to books, to a hundred other little things allows me to express in "things" something I sense, or feel about someone else. Also, there is something about receiving a box unexpectedly that almost automatically delights the recipient. Even if the gift is silly, or trivial, it tells them that I went to the trouble not only to find something that I hoped they would like, but also that I took the time to go out and physically find or do something, not just sit at a keyboard sending them messages.                               

I especially enjoy when I send a gift that really touches the recipient. Sometimes I listen closely, or read between lines to find out what a friend is "missing" or "missing out on" or desiring, but not able to get them-self. Sometimes, I just want to amaze them with something they have never seen, or heard of, or even knew existed until I send it to them. There is also an art to giving a gift in such a way that it clearly communicates that nothing should be returned in kind. For while I love to give gifts, I NEVER give one with the thought of receiving something in return. In fact, there are times that I DO NOT send something I would like to send, just because I am afraid the person might feel obligated or feel that they have a social "duty" to reciprocate.  It is not that I, too, do not enjoy receiving gifts. I do. I want them to be sent from the heart, not from obligation or reciprocation.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I like you, you will KNOW that I LIKE YOU! My gifts are only those that come from my heart. And amazingly, it is often the most inexpensive, the most playful, or most trivial of gifts that bring the greatest pleasure. There is always meaning and intent in what I send. There is always a written note, often hand written, to explain what I am sending and why I am sending it. Sharing words with others may bring delight, but to be a real gift, it has to come in a box or package of some kind. If you are reading this, you may already know this about me...or someday you might be surprised to find a little package with a gift in your mailbox. On more reason to let me know you are reading this blog,,,,sign on as a follower or leave a comment. Who knows what will follow.

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