Sunday, May 29, 2011


It is not only the courage and bravery of the warrior that we pause and remember this Memorial Day, but their dream of a world without war, a world where peace and justice could and would preclude the need for lives lost to ensure freedom. rights, and dignity for all. Regardless of what anyone thinks of any war, no true soldier ever believed that the meaning of their sacrifices was to kill and be killed.  Every life ever lost to war by combatants and innocents alike, was a life sacrificed ultimately to bring us to a time and place for peace and justice among the nations of the earth. It is this cause that they died honoring. The goal of war was/is never further war and destruction but ever to put an end to war. As they rest in perpetual peace, the greatest honor we can bestow is to faithfully pursue the dream of a world without war. Warriors do not want wars any more than firemen want fires. Let us not forget that it is peace not war that each and every soul we memorialize died to make possible.

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