Sunday, May 22, 2011

Exits Only (for C.C.)

I discovered why I am afraid of you.
You are a person with many exits, but no entrances.
You will come out to see me, sit beside me,
And sometimes even to stay with me.
But you have made certain that there is no way in.
You have no windows, through which I might look
To discover who you really are.
And though I know you will come out, and share your time,
I can find no way in.
You smile and laugh when we treat patients together.
You said being a physical therapist was your whole life.
Then you told me seeing patients makes you sad.
That is as close as we ever came.
I am afraid of you.
You make me feel like I live in a Leonard Cohen song.
Exits only.
It makes me feel so sad.
I need and I crave your touch,
But I am happier when I am alone.
You make me wonder if I have too many entrances and no exit.

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