Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 "Say Buddy can you spare a moment?”
He was older, black as coal,
Tall and strong like aged oak.
Dressed well though faded, frayed and wrinkled.
I reached for my wallet
And was startled by the simple request,
“Say Buddy can you spare a moment.”
“Any where round here a man can get some real bar-b-que?”
So we stopped and talked in the parking lot.
I explained where he should go for the best dry rub anywhere.
It was nearby.
And we talked about bar-b-que…or did we?
Then in his soft-spoken southeastern drawl
He revealed he was a minister, man of the cloth,
A stranger passing through.
We talked a few more minutes.
It seemed longer.
He took me by the hand, and said a prayer, and thanked me for my time.
Then he walked towards  his car, that like himself,
Had seen better days.
And drove off in the direction I had suggested.
Only when it was too late, I wished I had gone with him to lunch.
All he wanted was my time….
Why did I give so little?

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